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No matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot -박찬열
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BTS at the Airport


JIN: *controls traffic with his traffic dance*

RAP MONSTER: you can’t bring this jam onto the plane *throws jam away* you got no jams

V: I think I’m on the wrong plane I left my bomb on the other one my BANGTAN BOMB HAH HA I TRICKED YOU YOU THOUGHT I MEANT REAL BOM- WAIT WHY ARE YOU TAKING ME…

When They Discover Tumblr [Suga]
  • Suga: What's this?
  • Suga: /scrolls and blinks/
  • Suga: This is so stupid
  • Suga: How does this work?!
  • Suga: Ummm I'll pretend I didn't see that
  • Suga: What does she do all day?
  • Suga: Is this some type of stalking?
  • Suga: Whatever I don't have time for this
  • Suga: /lays on the couch/ /texting/
  • You: /comes into the room/ Hey you~
  • Suga: Do you stalk idols?
  • You: What?
  • Suga: That thing there
  • You: You went on my Tumblr?!?!
  • Suga: Wae? Should I not have? What's on there? /wiggles eyebrows/
  • You: nothing!
  • Suga: /takes the laptop and runs/
  • You: Yoongi!!!
BTS’s Danger MV makes you feel one of three ways.


You’re either like this:



Or You’re like this:



 Or You’re like This:


…….Or All of the above.

BTS Riding Bikes


JIMIN: “bikes are not a barrier when ur as cute as me” *ends up falling off and sits there rethinking his entire life*

RAP MONSTER: “holy shit I need to rap about this” *starts rapping about the feeling of being on a bicicle and the wind in your face and then runs into a wall*

V: ” hey I’ve…

BTS as police officers


Jin: Who’s this bitch driving an SUV with prettier hair than mine. I’mma have to pULL HER OVER. IT’S TICKET TIM E. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

J-Hope: /moves to Canada to become mountie/ hellA HORSES!!?!

Jimin: m’am i’m going to have to ask to see your license. because i neED TO KNOW IF YOU’Re LICENsED TO BE THA…

When They Discover Tumblr [V]
  • V: Tumblr?
  • V: Do I fall on this?
  • V: Pictures.... Pictures.... Pictu- oo a butterfly!
  • V: Are there pictures of me?
  • V: Lions!
  • V: Me~~~~~ o u o
  • V: What is this?
  • V: ...
  • V: The pictures are moving!!! O.O
  • V: Daebak!
  • V: What's this thing that looks like a Q? /clicks it/
  • V: What happened?
  • V: ...
  • V: Did I break it?!?!
  • V: Where are the moving pictures?!
  • V: T^T
  • You: /comes in/ What's going on?
  • You: /looks at the computer/ You just logged out Taehyung
  • V: Oh... Okay! ^^
  • You: /goes to log back in/
  • V: Nuuuuu! make me one first!
  • You: /raises an eyebrow/
  • V: I like the moving pictures /awkward smile/

When Jimin forgets his facebook opened and you write something cute on his profile.

BTS while Showering


JIN: yes Jin scrub. Scrub all the germs away. *mumbles* filthy peasants

JIMIN: can someone help me turn the water on I can’t reach it

RAP MONSTER: *breaks handle* *house floods*

SUGA: *takes 0.0000005 second shower* okay that should be enough cleanliness for a whole month good job suga


05/100 of Krisyeol


play this at my funeral

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