"Be happy, happy until your heart burns out." -Sunggyu
Got7 - When Jackson Changes His Wardrobe


Got7 - Jackson (Written by Chai)image

Jackson: wow bambam you look SOOOO good that outfit really compliments your sexy pink hair

You: jackson can you stop

Jackson: bambam you should wear plaid more often

You: jackson how about you focus on YOUR clothes

Jackson: why

You: your…

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BTS & Got7


BTS & Got7 (Written by: Chai & S.O.K)

Jimin: hey look its our favorite rookie group

JB: um arent you guys rookies too

Jimin: we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about being idols. call me hyung

JB: im pretty sure im older than you

Rapmon: yeah jimin sit down

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Got7 - When They Film a CF
  • Yugyeom: uhh so are you guys ready to film this commercial
  • JB: um hELL YEAH I was born ready
  • Yugyeom: haha really? I don’t know im feeling a little nervous guys ha
  • Mark: yugyeom u are such a pussy lol guys remember that time we pulled that GREAT hidden cam prank on yugi
  • Youngjae: omg hhHAHAHA yea we definitely do nOT talk about that enough
  • BamBam: we should talk about it for no reason more often
  • Jr: yo BamBam, nice skirt
  • BamBam: thanks, its actually just your bandana tied around my waist
  • Jr: oh cool, cuz my underwear today is actually just your shirt wrapped around my wee wee
  • BamBam: whOA how innovative, u are like the king of underwear fashion
  • Director: actually Jr. thats pretty fucking disgusting. Ok now listen up, here's the story: you guys are buying an all new brand of kimchi and-
  • Jackson: this ad is in English right
  • Director: um no-
  • Jackson: wht theHELL
  • Director: well I think Korean is the language we all speak best so-
  • Jackson: LOL excuse me but we are English experts, show him youngjae
  • Youngjae: Halo my naym ees youngjay
  • Jackson: that’s right, is it hard Youngjae?
  • Youngjae: eets naht hard
  • Director: ok we’re gonna start filming now…in KOREAN-
  • Jackson: fuck u man
  • Director: -and lets start with JB. This is the scene where you list the ingredients-
  • Mark: yeAH um I don’t really get why JB is the main focus of this ad?? Obviously im the hottest piece of ass here
  • Director: well, JB’s the leader and he’s also a visual so how bout all of u shut the fuck up and let me film this commercial. ok JB, ACTION!
  • JB: wOw this super unique brand of kimchi includes a mix of naturally grown cabbage, pepper, marijuana, and-
  • Director: CUT Um wtf man, no marijuana why would you say that
  • JB: oh oops sry guess I messed up ok lemme start again…. wOw this super unique brand of kimchi includes a mix of naturally grown cabbage, pepper, heroin -
  • Director: CUT! JB say the RIGHt ingredients
  • JB: wOw this super unique brand of kimchi includes a mix of naturally grown cabbage, pepper, meth –
  • Director: OH MY GOD CUT
  • JB: WHAT, WHTs WRONG, what is it? acid???
  • Director: wtFF there areNO drugs. NO drugs, this is just DRUGLESS kimchi
  • JB: wat
  • Mark: um wtF
  • Jr: excuse me manager why are we sponsoring this pussy ass food
  • Yugyeom: no drugs? who would even buy that??
  • Youngjae: I didn’t even know stuff like that existed
  • BamBam: we are oUT we do not support this crime against nature
  • Jackson: come on BamBam lets go snort coke off of each other’s bodies
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"Why do I even love these idiots?"Every GOT7 fan during REAL GOT7 Episode 10. (via gotuans)

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Got7 - Ideas


Got7 - Ideas (Written by Chai)

You: okay, as one of your managers id like to propose some ideas for your next era

Jr: yeah yeah yeah ok cool man cool

You: …okay. do you guys have any suggestions?

Jackson: yeS i DO ahahahAHAHAHAHHAHHAH *spazzes out*

You: what is it

Jackson: we…

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Best Compatibility



- Gemini (Suho - 10/10)
- Libra (Taeil, Jimin, Lay, Zelo - 10/10)

- Leo (— - 9.5/10)
- Sagittarius (B-Bomb, Jin, Chanyeol - 9/10)

- Libra (Taeil, Jimin, Lay, Zelo - 6.5/10)

- Capricorn (Jaehyo, V, Kai, JB - 8/10)
- Scorpio (Kris, Yugyeom - 10/10)
- Pisces (Suga…

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Imagine D.O breaking away from Exo to become Korea’s Next Top Beyonce because let’s face it those other bitches were his backup singers and dancers all along.

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EXO - Who leaked the video? ft. Kris the detective


EXO - Kris (Written by Chai)

Baekhyun: kris wHY are you staring at us like that

Kris: hm…..

Baekhyun: what

Kris: hmmmmmmmm interesting

Sehun: can you stop

Kris: i know it was one of you

Chen: um what

Kris: one of you leaked the dance video… and management has selected ME…

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EXO-M in colorful cardigans! (((\(^__^)